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In light of getting to see Avantasia live... I really do love what they're playing, but I made some adjustments, and of course figured in the return of Jorn Lande.
Obviously Tobias Sammet is on vocals for all songs except Stargazers and Twisted Mind, just like they've been doing for real.

01 Reach Out for the Light (Michael Kiske)
02 Invoke the Machine (Ronnie Atkins)
03 Black Orchid (Ronnie Atkins)
04 Another Angel Down (Jorn Lande)
05 The Looking Glass (Bob Catley)
06 The Story Ain't Over (Bob Catley)
07 Runaway Train (Bob Catley, Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske)
08 Promised Land (Jorn Lande)
09 What's Left of Me (Eric Martin)
10 Savior in the Clockwork (Eric Martin, Ronnie Atkins)
11 Sleepwalking (Amanda Somerville)
12 Twisted Mind (Ronnie Atkins, Eric Martin)
13 The Scarecrow (Jorn Lande)
14 Cry Just a Little (Bob Catley)
15 Stargazers (Oliver Hartmann, Jorn Lande, Michael Kiske)
16 I Don't Believe in Your Love (Oliver Hartmann)
17 The Great Mystery (Bob Catley)
18 Lost in Space
19 Farewell (Amanda Somerville, Michael Kiske)
20 Dying for an Angel (Eric Martin)
21 The Wicked Symphony (Bob Catley, Oliver Hartmann, Jorn Lande)
22 The Seven Angels (Michael Kiske, Oliver Hartmann)
23 Avantasia (Michael Kiske)
24 Sign of the Cross (All)
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