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Sentinel Beast - Depths of Death - June, 1986

Sentinel Beast are the third female-fronted thrash band we've heard from, and easily the best -- at least in 1986. This is some very good, intense, classic thrash metal, much in the vein of Metallica or a more melodic Slayer from a few years before. There's also a strong NWOBHM influence here, with Iron Maiden being a key influence as well, and not just because of the excellent cover of "Phantom of the Opera", but because it's quite obvious that vocalist Debbie Gunn has tried to emulate Paul Di'anno, and has done a pretty admirable job. She has a nice, husky voice that is more attitude than it is technical ability, and even though she isn't the most inventive vocalist and sings along with the guitar lines often, the overall results are usually more than acceptable because of that aforementioned attitude.

All in all, this is a band that probably should have recorded more albums, but for whatever reason, didn't. From the firey bursts of pentatonic guitar fury to the surprisingly clear production, this album is a relatively early and unexpected winner.

Standouts: The Keeper, Mourir, Dogs of War

Score: 8/10
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