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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
Nice review man. I'm glad you gave Tribe a nod. It's my favorite post-Promised Land album, and I think it really benefited from DeGarmo. Or something. Because the songwriting is a lot better than Q2K or a lot of what came next.

Oh, by the way, I wanted to mention that after listening to "Where Dreams Go To Die" and "Redemption" on my studio setup I agree with your take on Ed's bass. I know I said before I couldn't hear it, but it's actually really up there! Even more noticeable for me on WDGTD.
Thanks dude! I definitely like Tribe the most out of the post-Promised Land albums too, though I'm still not a super huge fan of it. And yeah Ed's bass is weird on the album, the instrument itself is high in the mix but the overall bass frequencies aren't so much. It's like Jimbo threw a high pass filter on Ed's bass or something, I dunno.
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