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[Question:]I have no doubt this was not the case in the previous albums, but one think I keep wondering about is why you didn’t react in the way it was over the years, if you didn’t agree with that?

[Michael Wilton:]Well, it’s complicated. It’s basically poor communication. Not knowing what’s happening and in the 11th hour having to sign something or to do something or to agree to something and you have everybody just depending on the situation. A lot of that. Your hands are tied. It’s like 'No, I don’t agree with this business that’s taken', but nobody else is on your side. You kind of go with the majority. Majority votes kind of rule everything. And the last 3 years, basically it just came to a point that we didn’t have a voice in the band anymore. It was all run by the singer and his manager, the wife. Now, it’s pressure situations that people are counting on revenues, people are counting on an agreement. It’s lots of little things. It’s lack of communication and people’s ideas going in the wrong way. And we’re team players, we’re professionals. It’s a proven asset. We wanted to make it work. We wanted it, but every time it ended up the same. It’s hard for anybody to understand it, unless they’re one of us. It’s just a reaching point of a downward spiral. It’s time to rebuild the machine.
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See, this is my problem with the whole bash Geoff Tate, ignore the other three guys thing. This is definitely one of the most direct questions I've seen asked of the band down along this line (if not the only question along this line.) And look at the answer: It's a giant cop-out.

Now, I'm not saying Michael Wilton is wrong to answer that way, or wrong in what he's done. But to me it's the fact that so few of the die-hards are willing to admit that Geoff Tate was not the sole cause of the band's woes. And even if it's acknowledged, it's just brushed off.

If you have such grievous complaints about a band member, and more importantly, the direction of the band, how can you stand by for over a decade doing nothing and then, all this time later, claim the mantle of integrity? Doesn't work for me...
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