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Open The Gates-Manilla Road

2.Open The Gates
4.Weavers Of The Web
5.The Ninth Wave
6.Heavy Metal To The World
7.The Fires Of Mars
8.Road Of Kings
9.Hour Of The Dragon
10.Witches Brew

Released In 1985

Manilla Road started out as a straight up astonishing heavy metal act, but on Open The Gates, they moved to a more power metal approach.The choice was a wise one, because this is the best Manilla Road album IMO, having amazing vocals, fist-pounding power metal anthems, furious fret-work, tight rhythm section, and the tone of the guitars on this record is incredible.Songs like "Hour Of The Dragon" and "Heavy Metal To The World" showcase the thick guitar tone and anthem-like choruses very well, and both are some of the best on the album.Bottom line, this album is one of power metal's greatest albums, and helped further form the signature power metal sound.

"Open The Gates"

8/16 - Motley Crue/Alice Cooper
9/27 - Styx
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