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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Fuck yes for my WWE PPV I'm seeing in two weeks the two matches announced so far are CM Punk vs Jericho
Ryback vs Cena in a three stages of hell match.
You're just finding this out now? If I were going to a PPV in a few weeks I would try to keep up with what's happening each week leading up to it. Maybe that's just me though

Punk and Jericho is still up in the air. Heyman accepted the match on Punk's behalf and I read the storyline might be that Punk no show's because he's pissed Heyman did that without talking to him first. This will lead to a face turn for Punk where he will feud with Lesnar going into Summerslam. I figured I would just warn you in case it doesn't happen. There's nothing worse as a wrestling fan than getting all hyped up to see someone or something happen and then they do the big swerve and screw you out of it.

Ryback and Cena is not a blood feud and should not have a three stages of hell match. Neither man has the skill to pull off this type of match and make it seem interesting for then length this will probably go.

Since were talking about three stages of hell, let's go back to 2001 where Austin and Triple H had one. Probably my favorite match of all time. They had a long rivalry and both guys hated each other with a passion going into it. The best blow off match for a feud you will ever see.