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Originally Posted by justinm4bama View Post
The keyboardist did that at ProgPower 2011 too. The only thing I have to say about the two sets from when I've seen him is that he played a couple Emperor songs to a bunch of prog/power metal fans and didn't play any Emperor songs to a lot of extreme metal fans. If he had those switched people would have appreciated it more because the prog/power metal people looked confused and a lot of people at MDF looked bored after a few songs.
I definitely understand where you're coming from, but there's also a flip side to it that people like me would really enjoy.

If there's going to be hours upon hours of black/death metal no matter what (which I imagine is the case at Deathfest), I'll be extremely appreciative of any bands who bring a bit of diversity to the day and contrast the blastbeats with some different material.

Likewise, if I know I'm seeing a bunch of prog/power all day, the band that brings out some ripping black metal for a few songs is going to be a really nice change of pace for a little while.
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