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Cannibal Corpse -- Montreal, Quebec -- June 1st, 2013

Venue: Club Soda
Tour: Decibel Magazine Tour 2013

As many people have said before, the turnout of this concert was very surprising. Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death had both played recently in Montreal without gathering huge crowds (around 300 people), but this time the 1000 capacity venue was sold out days before the show. Maybe Cannibal Corpse made a lot of new fans at Heavy MTL this summer, maybe it was because of the hype that promoters BCI (Brave Concerts International) managed to create around this event - a bus trip from Quebec City was even organized. I have no concrete idea about this, but the place was totally packed by the time Immolation came in and the ambience was electric. It just sucked for all my friends who hadn't grabbed their ticket in time and couldn't get in.

It was my sixth time seeing local openers Beyond Creation and they were good as always; very tight and precise, with a lot of conviction in their playing. The new song they bursted out was excellent, though the sound wasn't good enough to let us get a full grasp of it. I'm really happy that they finally managed to get on a tour with bigger bands. It's about time they get their rightful place in the technical death metal scene outside of their hometown. Unfortunately, Season of Mist couldn't provide their visas on time and they had to sit out of the US dates they had planned. I hope they're going to find a way to make up for that soon. Getting them an opening slot for another good death metal tour in the future shouldn't be that hard.

The main reason why I was excited for this show was because it was my first time witnessing the NYC death metal legends Immolation. I had missed all their last appearences due to being under-aged, and their most recent tour had skipped Quebec. Anyway, I finally got to see them and I have to say I wasn't prepared for such a performance. They were heavy, dark, angry and accurate. They chained up song after song without giving anyone more than a few seconds to rest. It was litteraly breathtaking. Ross Dolan is one of the most charismatic frontmen I've seen so far and he really seems to feel the wrath that he lets out with his vocals. Bob Vigna is also very entertaining: he keeps making these rockstar moves and epic faces, while playing his songs flawlessly. These guys are veterans and it shows. I would have taken a lot more than the short set they played, especially more old songs, but they were still the highlight of the evening for me. I hope they don't choose to wait too long before making a headlining tour for the new record.

After they finished, there was a short change-up (everything went smoothly and professionaly thoughout the whole show) and the fathers of grindcore took the stage. It was my fourth time seeing Napalm Death in a pretty short period of time, but I never seem to get tired. They're one of these bands for which every performance is unique and awesome in its way. In my book, they probably won't ever top the one they gave at MDF 2012, but if I had to qualify this one, it would be their most "punk" one out of the four. The guitar and bass sounds were more distorted and noisy than they usually are and the band was slighty sloppy at some points, but that just added to the "we don't give a fuck, we're just gonna tear this place up" mood. Barney's vocals were at their best; his growls/yells were brutal and he did some desperate high pitched screams that added a lot to the sound, while Mitch backed him with his incessant throat shredding. The only thing that sucked is when he did clean vocals in "The Wolf I Feed": that was terrible. Anyway, they were the band with the most energy (plus Barney's banter in between songs was hilarious as usual) and I also liked that they switched up their setlist and brought out some gems I wasn't expecting to hear.

Like if we hadn't had enough violence and musical quality thrown at us, we got one of Cannibal Corpse's best performances on top. It had all the usual stuff: the wall of amps, the wall of huge badasses, the wall of hair, the wall of sound... All this with the dark lightings, there is nothing friendly in a Corpse show. Corpsegrinder brought his usual aggressive attitude towards the crowd: for example, at a time, some guy spitted water from a bottle in the air and it hit George some way - he started to insult the guy and explain in full datail how he would force his teeth through his throat and whatsoever. That was funny. They started the show with a barrage of old classics from the first four CC records (plus a bludgeoning rendition of the live staple "Sentenced to Burn"). The sound was even more enormous than when I saw them before: I just stood behind the pit (not going in due to my MDF-wrecked wrist) and it felt like it rained razor blades from the guitar amps and huge boulders from the drumkit. Everything about this show was just fucking huge and the large crowd wasn't indifferent. The hundreds of Cannibal Corpse fans made the place explode into a huge pit (when they played "Hammer Smashed Face", it got to ridiculous proportions). My highlights were probably the slower, more pummeling songs like "Sentenced to Burn" or "Evisceration Plague", because it couldn't go in the pit for the faster ones, but this was overall the best CC show I've seen so far. I have so much things to say to glorify this, but I think I'm going to stop here and go do something else. Go see this tour or you will regret it. I already can't wait until they anounce dB2014. I just read about it in the magazine and it seems that the line up is almost totally chosen. I have complete faith in these guys.

Beyond Creation

No Request for the Corrupted
Omnipresent Perception
(new song)
The Aura


Kingdom Of Conspiracy
What They Bring
Majesty and Decay
Bound To Order
Dawn of Possession
A Spectacle Of Lies
Swarm of Terror
All That Awaits Us

Napalm Death

Multinational Corporations
Everyday Pox
The Wolf I Feed
Greed Killing
Suffer the Children
On the Brink of Extinction
Protection Racket
A Gag Reflex
The Kill
You Suffer
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
Siege of Power

Cannibal Corpse

A Skull Full of Maggots
Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
Edible Autopsy
Addicted to Vaginal Skin
An Experiment in Homicide
Sentenced to Burn
Demented Aggression
Scourge of Iron
Evisceration Plague
Dormant Bodies Bursting
Disposal of the Body
Decency Defied
Dead Human Collection
I Cum Blood
Encased in Concrete
Make Them Suffer
Hammer Smashed Face
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
8/6 - SubRosa
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