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I don't think we got Dismembered and Molested. At least, I don't remember hearing it. Then again, that was by far the hottest show I've ever been to and I possibly just had no clue what was going on when it was played.

Beyond Creation was ok. Much like on the album, I enjoy the music but it's nothing spectacular that I'll keep coming back to. I did enjoy seeing how talented the musicians were, and I didn't have any problems with the mix. The bass was loud, but it's supposed to be for them.

Immolation were beyond crushing! Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna have such an intense stage presence. It would have been cool to hear "No Jesus, No Beast" or "Close To A World Below", but it still felt like we got a lot of material for only 30 minutes. I would definitely go see these guys again.

I am not a Napalm Death fan at all, but I enjoyed them more than I expected to. Some songs were really boring, but quite a few songs were a lot of fun. I might look into some of their old work because a couple of those songs sounded pretty cool.

Cannibal was amazing. They were intensely heavy, and I can't believe how much they could headbang in that hot of a venue. There isn't much else to say if you've seen them; they're just a killer live band.
9/27 - Cattle Decapitation (?)
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