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Cannibal Corpse -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 31st, 2013

Decibel Magazine Tour 2013
Featuring: Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation, Beyond Creation
Date: Friday May 31st, 2013
Venue: the Phoenix in Toronto, Ontario
T-shirt Worn: Suffocation "Breeding the Spawn"

I got to the venue earlier than I hoped (about a half an hour before doors) but I didn't feel like standing in the rain. I hadn't eaten and had a bad headache (which comes back to haunt me later on) so I went and grabbed some pizza (which also comes back to haunt me later one) and ate in my car ala Homer Simpson. I went in around 8pm and missed most of Beyond Creations set. They really didn't sound very good to me. They had fretless bass, which is something I don't like unless it's Primus. And it was WAY too loud in the mix. It looked like they have two really good guitar players but it was drowned out. And their singer looked like a guy who I used to work with named Santino. That weirded me out a little. They sounded like a heavier Death, who I’m really not a fan of and they ventured a bit too much into "noodle-core" for my taste.

Beyond Creation
1. No Request for the Corrupted
2. Omnipresent Perception
3. (new song)
4. The Aura
5. Coexistence

Immolation was actually the biggest selling point for me to go to this show. I'll always go see Napalm Death, always, and I've wanted to see Cannibal Corpse but when I found out Immolation was on the bill too I knew that I could not miss this show. There were some sound problems though that brought their performance down a little bit. Specifically the rhythm guitar, which was almost inaudible. So whenever they broke for a solo the sound died quite a bit. On the other hand, watching Robert Vigna made up for it. That guy is a wicked guitar player and it's really too bad that not many people know who he is. He’s very entertaining to watch too. Overall, Immolation destroyed. I would've like if they played a little less off the new album (six of eight songs they played) but I would've liked it even more if they just played longer period. Majesty and Decay was intense. I'll see Immolation again, fo' sure.

1. Kingdom of Conspiracy
2. What They Bring
3. Majesty and Decay
4. Bound to Order
5. Dawn of Possession
6. A Spectacle of Lies
7. Swarm of Terror
8. All that Awaits Us

Napalm Death was probably the best I've seen them out of four times. The last couple times were at shady little clubs, so having a decent soundman and PA system helped. But their performance was just a lot more energetic too (probably because they were making money on this tour). I like that they did their own set up (as did Immolation). It gave the show a really old-school vibe despite being in a one thousand capacity venue. I'm sure that's what they were going for too, not just saving money by not hiring roadies...right? The crowd was rabid for them, and Immolation too for that matter. So I asked myself “where are all these punters when I’ve seen these two bands play at clubs to less than two hundred people”? I missed a lot of their titles because I'm never good with song titles. I know they’ve also been playing Circumspect, Continuing War on Stupidity, I Abstain and Deceiver on this tour but I can say for sure they didn’t play Circumspect or Deceiver. I was surprised by the lack of the Silence is Deafening or anything off the Time Waits For No Slave album. That said, I've heard a lot of those songs the other times I've seen them so it was nice to see some different stuff. I just wish they'd stop playing When All is Said and Done and play something else off the Smear Campaign album. It was such a great album and I don't think I've ever seen them play anything off that album aside from that song. The highlights for me were the Kill and Nazi Punks (Fuck Off). The whole "Scum" portion towards the end was great. And Mitch Harris doing background clean vocals on the Wolf I Feed was actually really good. I love Napalm Death but one thing that I don't like about them live is Barneys clean vocals are terrible. I guess it adds to the old-school, gritty, underground vibe of Napalm Death but Mitch sounded really good. That is his song though. I'll absolutely see Napalm Death again. Hopefully in a smaller venue next time.

Napalm Death
1. Multinational Corporations
2. Everyday Pox
3. ? (Barney yelled out the title but all I could make out was that it was three syllables/words)
4. The Wolf I Feed
5. Pride Assassin
6. From Enslavement to Obliteration
7. Suffer the Children
8. ?
9. When All is Said and Done
10. Leper Colony
11. ? (something off Utilitarian)
12. Taste the Poison
13. ? (possibly I Abstain)
14. Scum
15. Life?
16. Deceiver
17. The Kill
18. You Suffer
19. Nazi Punks (Fuck Off)

After Napalm Death my headache had gotten to the point of unbearable, it was humid as fuck and I was sweating pizza grease. I’m not the biggest Cannibal Corpse fan, and I know they’ll be back again, so I had to leave. It looked to be a great set and I know I’ll come to regret it but honestly, I’d seen the two bands I really wanted to see. Cannibal Corpse was just a great way to end it. But I was done. I’ll post the set from the other shows I’ve seen since I’d imagine it was exactly the same. Anyone else who went can tell me and I’ll change it as needed.

Cannibal Corpse (?)
1. Skull Full of Maggots
2. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
3. Edible Autopsy
4. Addicted to Vaginal Skin
5. Experiments in Homicide
6. Sentenced to Burn
7. Gutted
8. Demented Aggression
9. Scourge of Iron
10. Disfigured
11. Evisceration Plague
12. Dormant Bodies Bursting
13. Disposal of the Body
14. Decency Defiled
15. Dead Human Collection
16. I Cum Blood
17. Encased in Concrete
18. Make Them Suffer
19. Hammer Smashed Face
20. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
01/07 -- Slave to the Grind Festival
01/21 -- Alcest


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