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I'll tell you why I moved it to General Chat.

Editorial discretion.

Not remotely metal. Extreme playing their radio hit is hardly a counterweight the rest of the bands. Aerosmith? A bit more interesting.. but not really metal. Aerosmith, I would even more inclined to let slide. However, I've been noticing more and more non-metals lists showing up recently. And no, yours is not the first to be moved. At the end of day, this is heavy metal site and we're going to remain as such until the lights go out. Every now and then, we are going move threads to that end. It's not fair but there it is.

What about XYZ band that you didn't move? Editorial discretion.

Personally, I would have been MUCH less inclined to move your thread if you had written more about your experience at the concert instead of just posting the set lists. This is not an open invitation to write about every god damn non-metal show everyone attends but ultimately metalsetlists is about of us, not the bands. It's about this thing of ours for which we share an incredible passion. Sometimes, that passion takes us musically off the reservation and that's just fine. Those little adventures can make for great write ups. ( Getting wrecked in Nashville and attempting to pay country bands to play anything metal.. that I should have written up. FYI, the closest any band got was Pat Benatar. ) I also consider who is doing the posting in terms of activity / contribution.

And not to bullshit around it: there are some bands that are of such interest to the community that they get a pass. To name one: I'm staring at you, Rush. Again not fair but there it is.

One more little thing to think about. The thread got moved to General Chat. It didn't get deleted. Your thread already shows up in Google. It's still a valuable contribution and a lot of people are going to read it, just not in the area that is dedicated to metal.
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