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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I like these shows to. Did you like the second season of American Horror Story? I thought it started off well but by the last handful of episodes it became a complete mess and I found myself looking forward to the season just ending so the embarrassment could just stop for the show. I love the first season though.

As for Game Of Thrones, I find I would like it more if there weren't so many slower, nothing moments in it. I get that they like to do slow build ups to the major stories but I find that there are many episodes where I can fast forward through half of it and still not miss anything important. Also, there are too many characters to keep track of and I find myself only caring about a handful of them. Finally, we need to see more of the White Walkers dammit!!
Season 2 of AHS was a big let down in the dying episodes alright. I feel they had taken the story too far and didn't know how to end it. Great characters though!

Game of Thrones is fighting an uphill battle this season, the story-lines are only getting more complicated, they're obviously having a hard time representing that on screen.
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