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Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
The soudn was a bit blurry with the 3 guitars, but they gave an astonishing set. My favourite part was when the keyboardist did the saxophone parts with his voice, that was beautiful. They made great use of the multiple vocalists they had; sometimes there were 4 people singing at the same time, without losing any purpose. This combined with the complex and complete arrangements between the instruments and Ihsahn's fantastic songwriting gave us an incredible set. I didn't know his solo material much before going to see his band, but they made me a fan. The band had an enormous stage presence too, especially the keyboardist and one of the guitarist, who kept jumping and headbanging like a maniac.
The keyboardist did that at ProgPower 2011 too. The only thing I have to say about the two sets from when I've seen him is that he played a couple Emperor songs to a bunch of prog/power metal fans and didn't play any Emperor songs to a lot of extreme metal fans. If he had those switched people would have appreciated it more because the prog/power metal people looked confused and a lot of people at MDF looked bored after a few songs.
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