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Originally Posted by marker View Post
I was thinking the same thing, Bill can't drum and Ozzy can't sing. I agree with Cheese Wedge. The drumming has to be tight, or it will really fuck up the sound with Geezer and Iommi. Ozzy can sing like shit and it's not going to ruin the sound as much. And Ozzy has been using a teleprompter for like ten years now, that's how he never forgets the lyrics.
I know you posted this about a month ago but that's crap. So the drummer has to be fucking perfect and the vocalist can suck shit? That's a double standard if I ever heard one. If Ward's awful and gets kicked out, then the same should go for Ozzy. He's shit, and has been for a long time. It's supposed to be a band. All parts are equal.
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