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Here's a brief review of all of the bands I saw. Not sure where else to put it. Fun weekend!

Pallbearer - Boring
Abigail - A lot of fun
Cobalt - They were ok I guess. Watched a bit then looked at merch
Bolt Thrower - Not a fan, seeing them live didn't change that. Pretty boring. Also their drummer sucks at blasts

Heartless - Awesome set, wish there were more people there for them
Ahumado Granujo - Fun set but the guitar tone was weak as fuck
Convulse - Sounded good, was funny when the vocalist's strap fell off right as he started singing in the first song
Ingrowing - Pretty awesome. It was cool when they dedicated a song to the Chicago people too (also yeah, sorry about the flag. I thought it was annoying too....)
Pig Destroyer - Not a big fan and I hate the overhyping of them but they were fun. I love ANb so seeing Kat was fucking awesome and the highlight of the weekend for me
Repulsion - Not a fan. Some people said it was the best set of the night, I thought it was alright
Righteous Pigs - Didn't sound bad but was hard to watch. First show since 1993 and no one gave a fuck
Carcass - Once I got up to the pit it was one of the most fun sets of the weekend. I don't think they played anything from Swansong so that was a treat
Rotten Sound - Sounded great but the weak turnout kinda sucked
Tragedy - Entertaining, was tired but they held my interest

Disciples of Christ - Killer set, looking forward to seeing them next time they're in Chicago
Wake - Sounded good but wasn't as good as DOC
Like Rats - Sounded tight. Saw them last year in Chicago but enjoyed them a lot more here.
Eddie Brock -Fun set. Guitar tone was heavy as fuck. Sad to see them go
Massgrav - Hilarious stage banter and excellent performance
Broken Hope - Sounded great. New song was promising
Melvins - Not a fan
Revenge - Best set of the weekend, holy shit. Bassists vocals were pretty quiet but they were intense
Infest - Everything I hoped for and more.

Speedwolf - Enjoyed both sets
Cruciamentum - Vocalist sounded like he was sick or something but the music was awesome
Contrastic - Sounded good but they weren't as fun to watch with the weak turnout. Props to the glowstick guy for trying though
Kromosom - So fucking good, well worth the 20 minute delay. Showed that once people actually moved up the place filled up nicely
Sacred Reich - Much better than I expected. Same songs they played in Chicago a couple of years ago but still good (wasting set time on War Pigs was lame though...)
Integrity and Manilla Road - both sounded good but neither were what I wanted to watch after Sacred Reich. Too midpaced.
Sleep - Sounded cool but not a fan. Watched Speedwolf.
Magrudergrind - Ridiculous. Much better than when I saw them at the Scion event in Chicago. Was cool to see Rich Johnson do guest vocals as well. Love that they just stopped playing at the end of their set with no "this is our last song" or anything. Got shoved jaw first into one of the monitors but was cool with it when I saw it was Joe from Infest
Venom - Terrible. Best part of their set was watching herds of people leaving. Was unfortunately inside when they got cut off but wish I could've seen it. How anyone could be furious about them putting an end to that bullshit is beyond me...
Converge - Sounded great. Wish the crowd would've been a bit more into it but was a nice close to the weekend.
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