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Brian is a professional writer if I remember right, I would hope that his review would be a well written one!

As a result of the shenanigans a couple pages back, he and I actually had a very pleasant conversation about the album. In a nutshell, the guy is sincere and very honest about his opinion of the album. That's really him, an honest writer/journalist, talking in his review, not an overly excited fanboy who pegged this record to be a classic before hearing a note. He and I actually share more thoughts on the album's traits and qualities than I thought we did, we simply disagree on the merits of those characterics. I think his review will be one of the much better ones out there, I already know that it's an easier read than my review. This album begs for over the top journalism, and like you said Cheese, Brian got right to the point and didn't overstay his welcome.

As for my review, y'all probably know where to find it when it's eventually up. I'm pretty sure we're still sticking to June 4th.
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