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I really don't understand not saying anything about production (neither of 'em did) just because they're 192 kbps MP3's or whatever. That's not lossy enough to ignore the production, and considering what a big deal has been made of Jimbo coming back to mix and produce and his past history with QR, not to mention the constant criticisms of Kelly Gray & Jason Slater's mixing & production, it just seems like it's being ignored to avoid having to say something less than gushing.

Actually, it's even more astounding how the mixing & production is almost completely brushed aside for new QR, when the mixing on GT's obviously barely funded and rushed album was a topic of near constant discussion. If GT's on a crap label and wrote a crap album and QR is on a good label and took their time with their album, shouldn't it follow that the new QR's album has a good mix? It's also telling that, oh, we'll compare all these new songs to classic albums, but not the actual sound. But why? I mean, Jimbo produced and mixed Promised Land, which sounds phenomenal. I guess that comparison wouldn't be favorable, so why write about it, eh?

Also, that second reviewer would really benefit from conciseness. The whole trying to be funny about diarrhea and Geoff Tate and how Queensryche is like your aunt... it's just weird. Brian's review is very well written. He gets the facts out there about the album, a description, and a conclusion on it. Nice. I still think that review is probably coming from a place of really wanting this to the best QR has been in years, or rather, a review written for (classic era) Queensryche fans. I'll be interested to see reviews that come from more tempered sources though, because I think that will better reflect where I'd listen to it from, and because I'll be curious to see what the metal community at large thinks of new QR.
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