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Derkéta -- Baltimore, MD -- May 23rd, 2013

If any of y'all made the preshow of MDF you know how awesome those ladies were. It was at The Sidebar which is less than a block away from MDF and the most it can hold is 100 people haha so it was pretty damn small but a cool atmosphere to the venue.

The doors were at 1:45 and the first band started at 2:20. I don't even remember their name but the drummer was the vocalist and besides him there was just a guitarist so that was cool for what it was.

The next band was Cemetery Piss which I just stood outside for them because I didn't like them at all. If any of y'all are into them and want to know what they played here's their set:

Faith of Bloodshed
Sex and Metal
Blood Religion
Corpses and Lye

As soon as they were done I headed up to the front for Derketa, the first ever all female death/doom metal band. They were great and if any of y'all ever get a chance to see them go do so especially if you live in the NE because I don't think they really play much anywhere else.

Shadows of the Past
Rest in Peace
The Unholy Ground
Last Rites
Premature Burial
Obscurities of Darkness
South of Heaven (Slayer cover)
Time of Awakening
9/17-Van Halen
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