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Arsis -- Pittsburgh, PA -- May 28th, 2013

Arsis was playing at the Smiling Moose tonight, and it was a far better time from when they came to the Altar Bar opening for Sonata Artica. The crowd was much more interested and some moshing took place. Unfortunately I fell on my head last December at an Eluveitie show which has taken a toll on my ability to whip around and headbang as much.

Semi-different setlist that what has been played.. we got Sunglasses at Night for an encore

James' guitar cut out in the middle of The Promise of Never, and he was struggling to find another guitar on stage, so I think another band gave him one or something... which was cool.

Handbook For The Recently Deceased
Maddening Disdain
Servants to the Night
A Diamond For Disease
We Are the Nightmare
Haunted, Fragile,and Frozen
Six Coffins Wide
Carve My Cross
The Promise Of Never
The Face Of My Innocence
Sunglasses at Night
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