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Infest setlist

I saw the setlist for Infest on this site, From a video i saw, they skipped a couple songs and rearranged it a bit, but it really didn't matter, nor do i think would they of been noticed. Here is the setlist from the video.

1. Cold Inside
2. Feeling Mean
3. Sick Machine
4. Mankind
5. Judge Me
6. Shackled Down
7. Just Act Blind
8. Voice Your Opinion
9. Behind This Tongue
10. Sickman
11. The World Is Dead
12. Kill The Peace
13. Excess Pig
14. Break The Chain
15. Pickled
16. Terminal Nation
17. In His Name
18. Once Lost
19. My World My Way
20. Mindless
21. Which Side
22. Sick and Tired
23. Nothing’s Changed
24. The Game
25. Why Don’t You
26. Nazi Killer
27. Sick O
28. Machismo
29. Where’s The Unity?

This was definately one of the better sets of the weekend, if you witness them.

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