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I originally went to this show just because it was local, I enjoy going to shows, and I have Yellow & Green and dig it. I didnít know a ton about Baroness and I had heard Blue Record but I didnít own it or anything. I got to the show right after Inter Arma had finished playing and checked out the merch. They have two different posters (although I think one of the posters is only sold on certain dates and then gets switched out for a different artists work), a tour shirt, about 4 or 5 other shirts, and all their albums on CD and vinyl. They had every edition of the Yellow & Green CD along with different editions of their albums on vinyl. The most expensive vinyls were $50 I believe. The CDs were $10, the tour shirt was $25, and they also had a 7 inch of A Horse Called Golgotha for $5. I got the 7 inch and a tour shirt. I walked right up to the front and got a spot to the left of John Baizley. The venue was pretty nice; it was just a restaurant though. But it was new and the stage was actually decent sized. There was a pretty solid crowd there considering Virginia Beach is not a real big music town, especially for Baronessís type of music.

The guys came out and tuned their instruments and fiddled with a few things and started their set at 9:15. I was very impressed right away, they had a lot of energy and they seemed to be really into it and having a great time. I thought almost all of the Yellow & Green material sounded really good live. Green Theme, Take My Bones Away, Board Up the House, and Eula were especially cool. I guess Little Things was just ok. The Blue Record stuff was really heavy. Swollen & Halo was probably the best song of the night and the rest of those tracks were great for headbanging. Isak was really heavy with really cool guitar work. Thatís one thing that stood out to me all night, just how good of players all the guys were but especially the guitarists. The sound was clearly mixed and it was loud as hell, I was glad to have earplugs. Having The Line Between as an encore was sorta weird and it probably would have worked better in the main set. John spoke at length about how happy he was to be touring again and how thankful he was for the support, it was really cool. He also mentioned how much he loves to play in Harrisonburg, Virginia which I thought was cool because I went to undergrad right next door to there.

The show was definitely better than I expected and I had a great time. I would go see them if they come to your town.

I tried uploading pictures last night but it was taking forever. Iíll try again in a bit.
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