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My top ten:

1. Converge
2. Evoken
3. Pallbearer
4. Loss
5. Pentagram
6. Carcass
7. Bolt Thrower
8. Pelican
9. Sleep
10. Down

Other bands that blew me away: Cobalt, Repulsion (got a pick!), Antaeus, Midnight and Pagan Altar.

Things that sucked this year:

1. Spraining my wrist and tearing a ligament during Repulsion, thus ending up spending the whole night at the hospital.
2. Realizing that our car's battery had died and that the car was stuck in a parking after Converge.
3. The inefficient and arrogant security personel at the doors that made us wait so many times and so long that we missed Speedwolf and a part of Cruciamentum on sunday.
4. Organization problems that lead to cutting Bolt Thrower, Pentagram and Venom's sets.
5. Catching a cold on saturday and missing Infest due to pass-out level tiredness.

Things that made up for all of the above:

1. The fucking awesome performances we witnessed.
2. Meeting mankvill, energymetal14 and GarageMetal468.
3. The great selection of merch and CDs at the distro stands.
4. A restaurant called Mina's Delights we found by chance. They made epic crepe meals with sides and drinks for only 7$, they were very fun and welcoming and they all spoke French!
5. Miscelaneous things like: the beautiful weather on the two last days, the fuckton of people from Quebec at the fest, the fun pits and the road trip back, which was especially retarded and hilarious due to the general fatigue of the occupants of the car.
6. Not Venom's performance.

Next year's edition certainly won't be at the Sonar club and I hope Ryan and Evan figure something out, because I'm already looking forward to come back.
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