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Sevendust -- St. Petersburg, FL -- May 26th, 2013

I had been waiting for this show for about a month, it's been about a year and a half since the last time i saw Sevendust and they always bring it hard live, we arrives at the State theatre a little before 6pm because a friend and I were interviewing the drummer from Pop Evil, and the interview went great, the guy was very talkative and seemed very happy with most of the questions, and after the interview we headed out and got in line for the show.

After about 45 minutes of waiting they let us in, I headed to the stage and ended up in the second row of people, and only a few minutes later the opening band Lit Up started.

I did not enjoy this band in the least, to me they came off as a wannabee Escape The Fate trying to be Motley Crue, they had the whole rock star attitude which i can't stand, their music was just generic rock with a couple breakdowns, but as expected most of the crowd ate it up, not a band I'll remember a month from now. - 1/10

The next band to play were called Monster Truck (original i know), and we expecting another boring rock band, we were dead wrong, this band are awesome, they were like a mixture between Red Fang and the Marshal Tucker Band, bluesy groove hard rock, I loved every minute of their set and would definitely go see them again, and apparently their new album came out today. - 8/10

Pop Evil - For the last couple years I've known about this band, I have always disliked them, they weren't awful but it was just more boring and generic rock music but I can honestly say my opinion of them changed after the finished, the new songs that played from their album "Onyx" were actually really good, the songwriting and the instrumentals of the band have improved a lot, I can't say I'd go see them headline but if they open another show I won't mind seeing them again. - 6/10

Once Pop Evil finished it was finally time for SEVENDUST, I've been a big fan of their first 4 albums for years, and to see them play favorites like Waffle and Rumble Fish was incredible, and of course Black and Bitch were awesome as well. The new songs from "Black Out The Sun" got a great response as well, most people hate it nowadays when bands play new music but the crowd loved every bit of it and so did I, and the best part was watching Morgan Rose, I will never get tired of watching him play, he's a big influence on my drumming, and is truly a freak of nature (in a good way). The only annoying part was this moron who kept yelling "Face To Face!" in between songs, and Lojone said at one point "Oh ok man we'll play FTF, and just forget about the other songs were wanted to play for you guys", and that shut the guy up, unfortunately we had to head out during the 2nd to last song, I really wanted to stay for Face To Face but we would have been out a ride home, and we didn't want to walk lol, and I'm 100% positive they will go through Orlando at least one more time before they retire at the end of the year, as it is where they get the biggest response. - 9.5/10



4)Till Death
6)Rumble Fish
7)Got A Feeling
12)Face To Face

Pop Evil

1)Last Man Standing
2)Sick Sense
5)Broken And Betryed
6)Deal With The Devil
7)Torn To Pieces
8)Goodbye My Friend
9)Boss's Daughter

I'll upload the Pop Evil interview when I have it up.
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