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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Now I know you're high

About the only correct thing here is that Slayer are above Destruction.

They aren't even the best live thrash bands, let alone metal bands. Those are two of the most boring live performers I've ever seen. They make Motorhead look dynamic and engaging.

Mosh pits != good performances.
I have no interest in mosh pits. I'm small and get thrown around. I always stay as far away as possible.

The reason those two bands are two of the best I've seen is because they are easily the heaviest bands I've ever seen and it was just nonstop headbanging from both me and the bands. Also, both bands played really great setlists.

Motorhead is a fun live band for a little while, but I'm not too interested in seeing them again. They do a poor job of changing up their sets, and they aren't too interesting. With that said, hearing them play "Overkill" live was one of the best experiences I've had.
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