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Right now I'm mostly playing minecraft and the occasional zombies run on BO2, really waiting for Elder Scrolls Online and new Assassin's Creed.I don't play multiplayer on Bo2 that much anymore because when me and my brother got 8th prestige he went to refund our prestige tokens, but then after he did that it kicked him out of the lobby he was in and it was revealed that we got reduced to level 1, no prestige, so until my brother gets us back to where we were (he is 6th prestige now), I don't want to play.

About the b/c thing, I really wish they would have made PS3 b/c, firstly because I can't buy a lot of my favorite Ps2 games on the store (The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings games, Conflict games, Turok: Evolution, etc.) and secondly because I can't seem to find the cords needed to plug my Ps2 up.Maybe, just maybe, ps4 will be b/c, because they said they were trying to implement it.
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