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I ended up leaving before Venom finished (out of boredom, I like Venom but their performance was just lame to me), so I guess I missed all the action. Not that I think that sounds cool, it really sucks they got cut short, since so many people were there to see them. Sounds like it was just a lot of miscommunication. I understand noise curfews, its just too bad that the set just abruptly ended.

Overall this was one of the best weekends I have had in a LONG time! My first MDF was incredible. And it was great to meet a few of you

Return to the pit pictures from the fest. This guy always takes sweet pics of shows, and the ones for the fest are no exception.
5/21 Weekend Nachos
5/22 Hellshock
5/31 Rotten Sound
6/2 Venom inc
6/18 Deceased
6/24 Sleep
7/8 Nuke

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