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Dude, the main thing is that you're at the age when you're gonna discover a million amazing older albums non-stop for at least like 3 years straight. And then you find out about all the awesome new bands. It's basically downhill from there. Your tastes are gonna expand and develop into territories you can't even imagine right now. Most of us got into the music we really love during high school, and the more underground and obscure stuff came around then too. Hell, I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of mind-blowing music out there. I would give anything to be able to listen to and absorb it all.

It's also like JRA said in the thrash thread. Music doesn't exist in a vacuum, our tastes are influenced by the experiences we associate with them. You haven't had those experiences yet man! Don't worry about a top 100 list for now, I can guarantee you that it'll be 180'd by the time you graduate high school.
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