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Here's my review:

I remember walking up a few months ago to my phone going off and my friend telling me about this amazing show. Tickets went on sale a few days later and I spent the last few dollars in my account to purchase tickets online right when they went on sale. I had no idea there were going to be physical tickets at the record store. I would have gone there to save $10, but oh well.

The plan was to pick my friend up around 5 or 6 and head to the Glass House. My friend was coming back from TJ, so it took him a lot longer to get there than expected, so he ended up meeting me outside the venue right before Autopsy went on. Anyways, I just went and got the venue a little after 6. I met up with some friends. I ran into treghet and srm90 and got our free Ben and Jerrys. It was amazing!! I snacked on it while I waited in the will call line to get my ticket. Doors were at 7 but we waited until 730 to head in cause the line to get in was fucking terrible. It literally wrapped around the building. I got in around 740 and went straight the the merch booth to get my shirt. I was about to head upstairs to the merch but the security told me I had to wait in a line to get into the merch line. Luckily it was only a few minute wait before I could get into the merch line. I then had to wait about 25 minutes before I could get my In Battle shirt. It was amazing seeing everyone walking away with arm fulls of shirts. There were two boxes on the table for money and it was seriously just full of cash as everyone was buying their shirts.

Benediction started while I was still waiting to get my merch. The merch tables are in a spot where the stage is very clear. It is actually the best spot to view the bands from, so I didn't mind waiting to get a shirt while they played their first few songs. I went downstairs around the third or fourth song and got a good spot. I didn't know this was Benediction's first time on the West Coast. I never really listened to Benediction too much. I had the Subconscious Terror album and really dug that, but just never got around to listening to anything else. I was seriously blown away by how amazing Benediction was. Every song sounded so great! I really wanted to get in the pit but I was holding my shirts and didn't want to lose them. I'm super grateful I got a chance to see them. I'm going to get all this cds now and I seriously suggest everyone see them.

After Benediction, I went to my car to put my merch away and met up with my friend who I had a ticket for. We went into the bar next to The Glass House, grabbed some beer and headed into the Glass House to get a good spot for Autopsy. This was the second time seeing Autopsy and they put on just as awesome of a set as the last time I saw them. They're just a really fun band to see live. They played two new songs live for the first time and I really dug them. I can't wait to hear the new album next month when it comes out. They played for about an hour and ended at 10:10. Bolt Thrower was scheduled to go on at 10:30, but we figured it would be a little later, so we went outside to smoke a little weed and prepare for what was next.

We got back to the venue at 10:30 and there was a line to get back in. I suggested we go in through the bar to skip the line, so we did and literally the second we walked into the Glass House, the lights went out and the into track began. It was perfect timing! My friend turned to me and said that the into track made him feel like he was marching into Lord of the Rings. It was so true! I just can't explain how amazing they were live, especially seeing them stoned. Every riff was just so fucking great. When they played the opening chord to In Battle There is No Law, I squealed in excitement louder than a girl at a Justin Timberlake concert! I was so damn happy they busted that out. I had to jump in the pit for that one and went crazy! I used Anti Tank to run to the bathroom and grab another beer really quick and close my tab before I forgot. I'm not a big fan of that song. While I was in the bathroom, I guess some guy had to clean his pants off cause someone puked all over the rail in front of the band and he got pushed into the puke. That sucks!! I got back to my friend and just watched the rest of the show, not believing I was actually seeing the mighty Bolt Thrower! I was happy they played all of World Eater since they sometimes cut the last half out. In the end, the played for about 75 minutes. Karl said he would see us next 15 years haha. I really hope they come back one day. If not, then no worries because I at least got to have this religious experience once in my life. This was probably one of the best shows I have seen.

After the show ended, we went across the street to the Fox Theater cause there was a taco place open and got some food to sober us all up before we went home.
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