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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
So whadaya all think of this new MLS team being formed by Man City and the Yankees?
I hate it... Here in Florida we have built a team, Orlando City Soccer Club, in the hopes of reaching the MLS. Unlike in England there is no promotion system, so to reach the top tier you have to have, above all else, money. A short history of Orlando, my team, this is our third season and in our first two seasons we won the league title without question. We recently got a new Brazilian businessman to be a co-owner in hopes of strengthening our chances to enter the MLS.

The average attendance with maybe 2-4 games aired per season, is 9,000. There is a huge want for a MLS club in Florida, and Orlando has started plans to build a football specific stadium that would fall in line with what the MLS Commissioner told us we would need to become a MLS team.

It's sad we lost the chance to be the 20th team because we didn't have two major sporting teams band together to make money over passion.
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