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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
It will absolutely be released on DVD in the next 3-6 months, Netflix would be stupid not to (as ShatteredFlame already mentioned, House of Cards is coming out in a couple weeks.) Even more $$$ for them plus the subscriptions they got from the Arrested Devlopment fanboys, it's a genius business plan.
Yeah, but how many of those fanboys are going to cancel their subscription once they see all the new episodes? My guess is a shit ton. It's a good short term business plan, they will make some good money off it at the start but probably not much in the long run. I'm shocked that Netflix isn't hurting business wise since just about everything they have is already available for free somewhere on the internet.

I will get around to watching the new Arrested Development episodes over the next week. I have no doubt they will be good. It's great to see that the show is back.

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