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Kylesa -- San Francisco, CA -- May 25th, 2013

Me and a couple buddies go to the venue about 35-40 minutes after doors opened and it was pretty empty in there. Couple dudes here in there checking out the Kylesa merch booth. Me and my friends just stood near the stage and waited for the night to start off.

Lazer/Wulf were the first band to show up and they were very appreciative of the early crowd. They thanked us by saying "Thanks for coming out during dinner time". They started their set off with a bang. These guys are a three piece instrumental metal group of sorts. Their sound is like a mix of mathcore, groove metal and prog rock. Their music was alright and they had decent stage presence. Every now and again the guitarist would also sing a little bit, but it didn't really fit with the music, because it seemed like they were going for an instrumental sound. I can't say I have any gripes with these guys other then some times it felt like the songs were never ending. Not a bad way to start off the night

Next were NY psychedelic rock trio, White Hills. These guys were fairly decent and had some cool grooves every now and again but a lot of the material sounded really simile and kind of made the set drag. Plus the songs were long, or at least longer than they should've been. The only song I could vibe on was the last one.The only really cool thing about the band was how the guitarist/vocalist could manipulate the sound of his guitar. He had some badass tones and sounds coming from that thing. Also, he was wearing grey face paint on for some reason, it was never really explained. Not a bad band but I wouldn't go out of my way to check 'em out.

Next up were Blood Ceremony. These guys were pretty great and got a really great crowd response. They really nail the whole occult rock sound right on the head. This stuff sounds really evil, and the riffs are Iommic as fuck. Like, straight Sabbath worship at sometimes, but it's done really well. The singer sounded awesome, but I couldn't hear her too often because she was on the opposite side of the stage as me and I was right up there so the vocals were often muffled out. But I could hear the flute just fine and that was always great. The bass/flute moments were spectacular. Overall, really fun set full of awesome riffs, tasty tones, cool flute work and black magic. See these guys if they're in your neck of the woods.

Blood Ceremony
I'm Coming With You
My Demon Brother
The Eldritch Dark
Goodbye Gemini
Oliver Haddo

To my surprise, a lot of people took off after Blood Ceremony's set. I didn't realize they were that popular among some folks. And I'm even more surprised those folks wouldn't stick around for Kylesa. Speaking of which...

Lastly were the almighty Kylesa. These guys brought it hard and the crowd gave the energy right back. There was a pit going on through most of the night and the band was getting great responses after each song. They didn't talk much between songs but I don't really care. The set most mostly material off the last couple of records, which I don't mind, because they're badass, but some more material off of Time Will Fuse Its Worth would've been awesome, because people went nuts for the two songs they played off those. And when they pulled out Bottom Line, I went nuts. In between some songs they take some time to do some cool stuff like the drum break in between Quicksand and Bottom Line, and some experimental theremin stuff in between Where The Horizon Unfolds and Scapegoat. Overall they put on a great set, the only thing that was weird is on the setlist they had a planned encore, but they didn't play it. Their time may have been cut, but I don't think Slim's has a curfew, especially on a Saturday night. That was weird, but whatever.

Tired Climb
Said and Done
To Forget
Don't Look Back
---Drum Break---
Bottom Line
Nature's Predators
Long Gone
Where The Horizon Unfolds
Unknown Awareness
Hollow Severer

Also, before Kylesa, Tony and one of his pals came up and we talked for a bit. It's always cool to see a fellow forum goer at a show.

Lazer/Wulf: 6.5/10
White Hills: 6/10
Blood Ceremony: 8/10
Kylesa: 8.75/10
5/5 Boris
5/15 Bosse-de-Nage/Ion
5/28 Pentagram/King Woman

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