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Soundgarden -- Austin, TX -- May 25th, 2013

SOLD OUT show @ Austin Music Hall
Austin, TX
May 25th, 2013

Doors opened at 8, the guys hit the stage around 9:30. It was amazing! Pretty cool that they played Never The Machine Forever. A fave of mine on Down On The Upside. Matt Cameron's son requested it. Chris needed lyrics in front of him, lol. So awesome.

Highlights? The whole show, honestly. Go see Soundgarden. They are the real deal and are waving the grunge flag in the 2000's. Setlists are always different, the band is tight, the pit was going hard. Lots of moshing. I mean New Damage followed by Rusty Cage in the encore??!! Couldn't ask for more!

The only thing that sucked was some woman getting all worked up when people would bump into her. "Stop that! stop that!" Um, it's a rock show?? Don't stand on the floor in front if you don't like being shoved. Common sense. Idiot...ANYWAY here's the set!

Searching with My Good Eye Closed
Jesus Christ Pose
Hands All Over
My Wave
Worse Dreams
The Day I Tried to Live
A Thousand Days Before
Pretty Noose
Burden in My Hand
Never the Machine Forever
Hunted Down
Drawing Flies
Blow Up the Outside World
Fell on Black Days
Incessant Mace

New Damage
Rusty Cage

Just found out they cut some songs. Here is what was planned for the night. SO AMAZING!

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