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3-0 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck all those who didn't believe(looking at you TNT, ESPN, Yahoo, and all these blogs)

The big 3 and more so Duncan are hungry for that ring and are firing at will. That was a big comeback and big win in the Grind House to take away any chance the Grizzlies thought they had. This series is over and I think I am going to cry since they are going back(hopefully they don't collapse lol) to the Finals :')

Also Spurs can beat the Heat. Spurs give the Heat match up nightmares on both sides of the ball.

Chalmers can't guard Parker
Haslem can't guard Duncan or Splitter
Leonard will give LBJ big problems
Bosh will either suck dick or be great. Dude is so inconsistent
Wade will have trouble guarding Green and Green is a great defender as well on Wade.
Can't forget the wild card that is Manu.

Spurs bench is also leaps and bounds better than Miami's bench.

Spurs are the best match up against the Heat and I believe they will take the Heat out in 6.
I.......dropped the the tuna!!!!!!!!!!
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