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My Bloody Valentine Ė Loveless (1991)

Even though this album is NOT METAL itís probably one of the loudest albums Iíve ever heard. Thatís one hundred percent thanks to the wall of guitar Kevin Shields perfected on this album. The cover pretty much sums the album up, a guitar distorted and blurred to the point where youíre not even sure if what youíre listening to is a guitar. Iím no engineer but it sounds to me like there are at least five layers of guitar on any given track. And theyíre way up in the mix. I barely notice the drums and canít even make out the bass. On top of all that they have this totally unique effect on them that sounds like the quarter-inch reel-to-reel tape is breaking down, or theyíre wailing on their whammy bars the entire album. It wouldnít work on most albums but itís one of the coolest guitar sounds Iíve ever heard in my life. Thatís what sets this album apart from everything else. Without that guitar effect it would be a decent pop/rock album. That said; there are some wicked songs on here too.
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