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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
So Bolt Thrower just ran out of time? That's why When Cannons Fade was cut short?
Yup...I personally blame the soundboard. It took them forever to soundcheck the drums and the vocals were too low for most of the bands as well. Also, when the stage crew was trying to signal them with flashlights it took them 3+ tries to get a response...they even switched from a maglight to one of those high-intensity flashlights with a handle to try and get their attention. Their intro sample also was never played (the siren)....and then it randomly went off after they got off of the stage.

All in all I still got to see a band that most people won't so I have to be grateful for that. My only regret is that I only got one shirt (Cenotaph).

Can someone confirm whether or not they play "No guts, No glory." It is listed on the "roll call" MDF thread but not this one.
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