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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Thanks for the support Cheese, I don't post there often at all, simply because I know the community here better and for a longer time and this is a smaller and more apathetic audience when it comes to QR stuff. I have no desire to ruin everyone's excitement and hopes for the album over there.

Fonz, yeah I know you're posting links to this thread everywhere. Honestly, do it all you want man, I stand by everything I've posted. If I was looking at it from their eyes though, I'd see it as inviting "board wars" or whatever (cheesy onion wars?).
Yeah, I hear you. That's why I'm saying more about QR over here as well. It's a little more loose here. I'm just not as excited about the new QR from what I've heard, and I don't want to come across as a dick to people who are pumped. My reply today there was a rare exception in those respects, I guess.

Anyways, I'll echo that second part as a mod here... There's nothing wrong with posting about us over there, that's fine (unless they have a problem with it.) But people here are very direct, and we are way more relaxed about rules. In other words, people can say shit here that probably won't fly over there, and I would hate for that to be interpreted as a board war or whatever. So let's at least be smart about posting stuff from here on other places?

Also a cheesy onion war? I can't think of a better tasting, worst smelling war
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