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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
No problem, man. One possible reason they didn't do "In Battle..." this time - because they did it at MDF VII back in 2009 - is that they had to cut their set short due to curfew (if you notice, there was no encore). One of the security guys got up on the mic as people were chanting for an encore and apologized profusely, but said that BT couldn't come back out even if they had wanted to.

Also, the songs they ran together were pretty much full versions, so "World Eater" was pretty much played in its entirety. They just mashed it into "Cenotaph" and kept right on playing without stopping (which is another thing they did back in 2009, as I recall).

Lastly, they did have "In Battle..." shirts, though my pix won't reflect that, because they ran out before I took the photos. They may have been saving some for other shows, though, so don't fret. You might get one.
That sucks they were cut short. Hopefully they play a couple more songs on Saturday! I read elsewhere that color shirts were $15 and b/w were $10. I'll be getting one of each if that's true!
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