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Aside from that, I have this: Noisem was ordinary, but very angry death/thrash with shit sound, I missed Deiphago, Pallbearer was extremely heavy and moving, Abigail was hilarious and fun, Cobalt was crushingly angry and tortured and Bolt Thrower gave one of the most massive performances I got to see so far. However, the set was a bit short and the tent was way too small for them.


Devoid of Redemption
An Offering of Grief
(new song)


Metal Evil Metal
Metal Bitch Inferno
Satanik Metal Fucking Hell
Hell's Necromancer
Attack with Spell
Violence, Kill, and Destruction
Bitch! Your My Angel
Teenage Metal Fuck
Prophecy of the Evening Star
Hail Yakuza
War 666
Lethal Dose (NME cover)

Cobalt (may be a bit out of order)

Two-Thumbed Fist
Pregnant Insect
Eater of Birds

Source: myself
8/6 - SubRosa

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