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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Cheese- No credits, I was only given a folder of MP3s. Funnily enough, we were actually sent a physical CD with the full booklet and everything for Frequency Unknown. No one ever does that these days. As for song credits. apparently Parker wrote Where Dreams Go to Die with help from Todd, and Michael wrote Redemption with lyrics from Todd. That info's all from The Breakdown Room, so basically you know just about as much as I do when it comes to the credits.

I actually think that Queensryche is extremely capable of cranking out a seriously badass metal album without Chris DeGarmo. However, the whole 'democratic songwriting' thing they've been bragging about is nice in theory, but in practice leads to scatterbrained material. If they were to stick Whip, Parker and Todd into a room and let them go bonkers, I think the results would be really stellar. Scott and Eddie are fantastic musicians, but I don't think that they're genuine lifelong metalheads like Todd and Whip are, and Parker would make sure they have some ambition with the record. Young musicians nearly always feel they have something to prove after all.
Ah, okay. That's pretty funny about FU. What a strange album and record label.

Maybe I'll agree with your point there, but I think QR would need a real producer. Someone to keep the ideas a little more focused, or like you said earlier, sort of refine the songs (like what "Redemption" needed.)

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Not quite the same thing, but before they hit upon watermarked mp3s, many labels used to put bleeps or voice-overs every couple of minutes in all the songs on promo CDs.
Ah yeah, I wasn't thinking about those things. I guess I see those as on top of the final product. What I can't imagine is deliberately fucking up the actual mix. I mean the idea of a heavily compressed album to deter leaks is just strange. It'd be like someone not wanting you to know their pizza recipe, so they smother it in cheese.
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