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The production is bad. Just straight up bad. There is literally no meat in the mix. The guitars are totally neutered, Todd's voice is processed pretty badly here and there, the snares have no crack and the kick drum is like a weak plop every time it hits. The toms sound fantastic and Ed is nice and audible, but that's literally it. The album was mastered way too hot as well. People have been complaining about the songs sounding compressed on YouTube and Soundcloud- well, that's because the album is compressed to hell inherently. YouTube and Soundcloud do add some compression yes, but not enough to completely ruin a well produced track.

Everyone fumbled big time in regards to the production. If QR wanted an organic, yet fleshed out sound they could have gone to Justin Weis. If they wanted a super sleek modern metal sound a la current Accept, Andy Sneap would have done great as well as Terry Date. I understand their reasoning for wanting to go with Jimbo Barton, but the guy just didn't deliver the goods IMO. Even from a traditional production standpoint (meaning non-engineering), Jimbo messed up. Redemption is the obvious culprit here, a good producer would have made that song at least consistent musically, and not allowed the jarring change between the chugging riffing and the hella poppy chorus to happen.

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