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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
This is total bullshit. It's a small metal world, and I'm thrilled you put the word out about your experience with Motley Crue. Your band is not a threat to them whatsoever, and there is no excuse for any of it. You should have been happy to open for them, and it's unfortunate that those circumstances prevented it. Personally, I don't care how 'big' a group is, this kind of behavior is a fucking stain on their reputation.

Those merchandising prices are insane. Who even pays $20 for big name CDs let alone small bands? Had Motley Crue let you guys simply price your merch at your normal rates I can't imagine they'd be losing out on any noticeable amount of business. That's really scummy. And it's not like they should be hurting for cash.
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