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Originally Posted by SepticFlesh13 View Post
If "Tatertot" really did all this damage to the band, did the rest of the band sit passively and watch? I mean, according to them it's been years and years! that "Tatertot" ruined them but they don't do anything?
Exactly. I think this point is lost on a lot of people, because frankly, in other communities out there, this point of view is systematically distorted and ignored, because like I said, if people actually thought about it, they'd have to acknowledge that Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield, and Eddie Jackson, by their own admissions in legal documents in GT's court battle against them, have not been great stewards of their b(r)and. True integrity would've dictated they act far sooner than they did. And their failure to do so seriously undermines their credibility.
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