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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Yeah, I've been getting that attitude from people about voicing complaints, with shit like "You guys should just shut up and be happy you got the opportunity"... That's nice, but just like a number of other things we as a band have to put up with, the reason why the situation sucks is because everyone has accepted the notion that you're not entitled to anything better. We were treated as practically sub-human. We weren't allowed in the venue until 10 minutes before we had to do our soundcheck, and our passes were voided within 5 minutes of getting off stage. We were given absolutely no accommodations (they charged us for water, for fuck's sake), and them forcing us to price-match them on their ridiculously overpriced merchandise absolutely destroyed any chance we had at making any kind of money, or essentially actually making people remember us after the performance. It's also worth noting that the band played two nights in a row at the venue and we played #2 - so there was absolutely NO press coverage of it. MC didn't even allow the band's photographer in the night we played. Truth be told, we actually got more worthwhile exposure from the announcement that we won than we got by actually playing the show. Yeah, it's nice to be able to SAY we did it, but I really don't think it did us very much good in the big picture.

This is total bullshit. It's a small metal world, and I'm thrilled you put the word out about your experience with Motley Crue. Your band is not a threat to them whatsoever, and there is no excuse for any of it. You should have been happy to open for them, and it's unfortunate that those circumstances prevented it. Personally, I don't care how 'big' a group is, this kind of behavior is a fucking stain on their reputation.
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