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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
So yeah, long story short: My band won a regional radio contest to support Motley Crue this past Tuesday. Supposedly hundreds of bands entered, and we were selected as one of the top 5 to be submitted to MC's management, who ended up picking us. Pretty amazing feeling, but the experience of actually doing the show was a mixed bag. Felt great to be on that stage and play to that many people, and the actually set went really, really well - but the whole thing was handled with this "Get in, do your soundcheck, do your set, and then get the fuck out" attitude. It seems like the whole thing is a publicity stunt by their management to make it seem like they really care about helping out bands, but it's far from the truth. We were forced to mark up our merch to what they charge. I know that that's a fairly normal process, but it would have been different if they were only charging $15 for CDs and $25 or $30 for t-shirts... we had to charge $20 for CDs and $40 for shirts (which are only one-color logo shirts with our symbol on the back)... so in the end our hopes of selling tons of merchandise were slashed to pieces and I feel like a lot of people wrote us off just because of the high prices. Overall I feel like we would have been better off opening for a band playing to 500 people instead of 2,000+ if it had been a band that was more appropriate for us to open for. Not only are most Motley Crue fans not interested in a band that sounds like us, they generally don't see the value in supporting smaller bands, because they're so brainfucked with that mentality of "If they were any good, wouldn't they already be popular?"... So yeah, overall was great to be able to do it and the set itself went great, but it was an underwhelming experience.

MindMaze setlist:
01 Stand Up and Fight
02 Breaking the Chains
03 This Holy War
04 Remember
05 Never Look Back

Motley Crue setlist:
01 Saints of Los Angeles
02 Wild Side
03 Shout at the Devil
04 Piece of Your Action
05 Same Ol' Situation (SOS)
06 Louder Than Hell
07 Sex
08 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
09 Mutherfucker of the Year
10 Home Sweet Home
11 Drum Solo / Guitar Solo
12 Live Wire
13 Too Fast for Love
14 Primal Scream
15 Dr. Feelgood
16 Girls, Girls, Girls
17 Kickstart My Heart
I would kill for this opportunity for the band I'm in to open for Motley Crue (ok not kill, but you get the point).I mean I would just be glad that I would play for that many people and get to see Motley for free.Of course my band nowhere near fits the style of Motley, it's more of a U2/Journey/Post-New Jersey Bon Jovi type of sound.The biggest show we've played since I joined was for about 600-1,000 people (opening for the Swingin' Medallions).Anyway glad to see your band got to.
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