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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Not really, only fonzbear does. He keeps baiting everyone into this thread with his regular updates and attention seeking whining about why more people aren't discussing them?
There's a group out there actively encouraging folks to discuss QR on forums as a way of sort of underground promotion. I'm not sure that's working over here I don't think it'd even be necessary if the material that is out there - and there are now two studio tracks available for free listening - was truly captivating people. Obviously people know about it, since the legal/GT drama and all that keeps QR constantly on Blabbermouth and metal blogs and all that.

Also one more point to my bullet list: The new QR artwork, logo, and photos suck. The QR artwork looks like a low resolution PhotoShop job (which I guess fits their legacy of low-fi art like Empire.) It still looks bad. And the metal riveted Queensryche logo that's out there... could you be more contrived? And their photographer seems to have a fetish for Instagram like washed out colors and fish eye lenses. I mean, it just seems like a joke. On one hand, they (and certain fans) are trying to convince us that QR is reformed, it's this new slick, professional machine and all that. And on the other hand, you have what's coming out of that machine, which seems determined to convince otherwise. Here's an example of what I mean. Queensgram.

P.S. If all your new songs have to reference old ones, e.g. "agonizing pain spreading like a new disease" or "when we watch our idols fall a revolution calls" () then it seems like you're trying, really, really hard to convince us you're something (in this case Queensryche) when it should just be self-evident...

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