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Alright, here's what I think, in bullet point form:
  • This isn't QR. It sounds like a band trying to sound like QR. Yes, it's better than GT (how hard is that to top?) but nothing I've heard is within throwing distance of the work QR did with DeGarmo.
  • "Where Dreams Go to Die" is a pretty terrible song title. When did the guys become teenage girls? QR used to be dramatic in a good way, with songs like "Eyes of a Stranger." Yes, they were always a little cheesy, but they were just smart enough, and played with just enough conviction to work. The new songs sound like Journey.
  • GT might write shitty lyrics now, but that's no excuse for QR to. If GT hadn't jumped the shark for QR, "Castles built will fall" would've done the job just fine now.
  • Drum production is terrible on all the songs I've heard so far. C'mon.
  • I don't think Todd's a great singer. He just screams a lot. How exciting. I should have my classically trained opera singer friend come here to critique Todd. It's pretty impressive. GT even in his prime had a lot of criticisms that could be leveled too, but Todd tops that. He seems like a great guy; he's the anti-GT personality wise. But there's more to singing than just yelling something in close to the right pitch.
  • There's a corner of the Internet that's hounded QR for using outside writers. The only difference between this QR and QR of recent years is that now they hired the outside writers so they're in the band. Also, as much as people like to shit on GT for not writing music, they miss the fact he really did write the majority of lyrics for the songs. And vocal melodies. Which despite what the armchair non-musicians will tell you, is in fact writing music. Anyways, songwriting is usually split 50/50 music and lyrics - and always was in QR. So I guess they (used to?) think lyrics were pretty important.

    The songwriting core of QR was CDG & GT, and without it, you have a band that is taking the elements of QR (double guitars, etc.) and putting them together, but it's just as fake as the last few albums. Sure, the quality of the music is better, but the underlying fact is that this is a new band. This shouldn't be another Queensryche self-titled EP. It should be a Rising West EP.

    Of course, most people are ignoring the fact that according to the court documents the three original guys left in the band basically sold-out on their legacy for 15 years, admitting they didn't like the music, didn't want to do it, etc. and for some reason only stirred to action when the money finally stopped coming in. I bet that took some integrity.

    So yeah, GT could be the world's biggest asshole, but that doesn't change the fact the other guys are just like anyone else prioritizing money. Now, don't get me wrong. I like them. Michael Wilton is a great guitarist. But I honestly think everybody in QR came out looking bad (except DeGarmo, of course) and while I would've loved GTQR's to blow me away (HA! Nope!) or the "real" QR to blow me away, it's not happening. And I'm not going to sugarcoat things for QR because I'm drunk on nostalgia and/or GT hate.

Oh, and next week Queensryche is literally playing a Harley Davidson dealership in my town. If this was GT, people would be making fun of him. But since it's QR? It's a "smart" move to tap into other markets.

I can't take it. QR should be musical, complex, and classy. GT failed them on that, yes. But they're failing themselves too.
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