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Down -- Toronto, Ontario -- September 18th, 2009

Support: Voivod, the Melvins (cancelled), Weedeater
Date: September 18th, 2009
Venue: the Kool Haus in Toronto, Ontario

I like Down but never enough to see them live. But when it was announced the Melvins were opening for them I had to go. The Melvins were one of my favorite bands and I’d never seen them. But I didn’t know there was some reason for them never playing Toronto (I’ve heard they didn’t play a show opening for Tool a few years earlier) and pretty much all of their tours since the turn of the century had bypassed Toronto. I don’t even know if I knew going into the show that they weren’t going to be there. It may have been posted on the venues doors. So I was pretty pissed at that but when I found out Voivod were going to fill in I was interested. I’d heard people gush about them so much over the years but I’d never actually heard anything by them outside of Astronomy Domine and Insects (the latter I knew was recorded by another incantation of the band so I knew I wouldn’t hear it). So I went in with an open mind hoping I may find a new band to enjoy.

Weedeater I’d never heard of but they were awesome. I loved their use of feedback. They reminded me of a band we listened to in college called Bongzilla but a little slower and grittier. The only bad thing about their set was the Kool Haus is a fairly large venue and their music was lost in it. If I ever see they're playing at a smaller club or a bar I’ll go check them out again. I don’t know their set but I know they played Buzz. I think it was called Buzz. That song live is still one of the best things I’ve seen in my life. Wow. And they played Weed Monkey, I remember that because it had such a great spoken intro. "This is a song about weed and monkeys, it's called Weed Monkey".

So things started out good and I was interested to see Voivod. But within the first two minutes of the first song I could not stand them. Their rhythm section is really good, their bass has actually got a really cool sound to it, but they lose me in two places. First, the vocals are fucking horrid. Just horrid. And second: their guitar riffs are a fucking mess. Nothing memorable, nothing catchy just a geeky sounding, trying-to-be-impressive-and-cool mess. I feel for Piggy (R.I.P.) but I just couldn’t stand it. So for the rest of their set I just couldn’t wait for it to be over. Even Phil Anselmo coming out to sing a song with them did nothing for me. All it did for me was make me think why people love this band and hold them in such high regards. Maybe if I was born early enough to listen to them when they were fresh and current I’d like them.

1. The Unknown Knows 

2. The Prow 

3. Ravenous Medicine 

4. Tribal Convictions 

5. Global Warning 

6. Overreaction 

7. Nothingface 
(with Phil Anselmo)
8. Astronomy Domine

After standing through that I was in a bit of a rotten mood. Thankfully Down was really good. On album I never cared too much for them but live they are a beast. I knew everything they played from the first and third album and really enjoyed everything else. It was nice to finally see Pepper Keenan live in some form after listening to various bands he’d been in over the years. Some girl took her top off. And Phil rules. New Orleans is a Dying Whore was a song I wasn’t familiar with but it was awesome live. One thing I was a little disappointed by was no Temptation’s Wings. But I was really impressed with Down.

1. Lysergik Funeral Procession 

2. New Orleans Is a Dying Whore 

3. Lifer 

4. Hail the Leaf 

5. Ghosts Along the Mississippi 

6. The Path 

7. N.O.D. 

8. Losing All 

9. Eyes of the South 

10. Stone the Crow
11. Nothing in Return (Walk Away) 

12. Pillars of Eternity 

13. Bury Me in Smoke 
(with Voivod)

So truth be told, if the Melvins had of been at this show it probably would’ve been one of my favorite concerts ever. Instead it’s just a good one that peaked early, took a huge nosedive in the middle and leveled out towards the end.
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