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Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
With the band having fired Tate who has been dragging them down and getting Todd who is a much better singer than Tate currently is and saying that they're putting out an album that again sounds like Queensryche's material from the EP-Promised Land, I would think a lot of people would be very interested in all of this. And if there's not that much of an interest, then why does this thread have over 2,600 views?
The problem is Queensryche has lost so many fans and been so shitty for so long that just saying those things isn't gonna get people talking. After making such a huge move with letting Tate go, they need to come out with something that will blow everyone away. That's the only way most of the fans will get excited and start talking about them again. They need to deliver huge on this album no question about it. I think everyone who's had something to say about this has chimed in already. There's nothing to do now but wait for the album to come out.

The reason the thread has so many views is because you've been updating it regularly for a few months now. View counts tend to get pretty high when someone does that with a thread.
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