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Xbox One is a joke holy shit. It's clear they are steering more towards entertainment now than games.

1. They are pretty much banning used games and in order to play them you have to pay full price. Fuck that.

2. In order for the Xbox to work at all the Kinect must be connected at all times. That is just fucking stupid. I don't want, need, or have use for the stupid ass thing. God forbid my cat accidentally unplugs it while I am playing an important game and then it shuts off cause the stupid thing isn't plugged in.

3. Don't care about NFL or fantasy stat tracker. Have Direct TV that does that shit already with fantasy and Sunday ticket. Pretty sure you will have to pay $500 if you want to watch NFL on your Xbox.

4. I just want games man. I don't care about Skype, a stupid tv guide, or any of that shit. I buy my systems for games and that is why PS4 has won both rounds for next gen so far. Cause they are just focused on game more so than entertainment. That is the reason why their conference won so many people over and made Sony's stock rise 9% after the new xbox was revealed.

Sony learned from their mistakes and are crushing M$ right now.

PS I own both a PS3 and 360 so no fanboy here.
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