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I bought a new 500Gb PS3 and started playing the first Bioshock game last night. I had high expectations but I wasn't as impressed as I'd hoped. What's killing me is the controls. Why have R2 and L2 as shoot and R1 and L1 as change weapons? That is ass-fuck-backwards. I don't know how many fire fights I got into where I was getting slaughtered because I was too busy changing weapons rather than shooting. And being unable to change the controls is even worse.

Aside from that the game reminds me a lot of Fallout 3. Just a little more cartoony and cleaner. Fallouts world looked like it had been like that for decades whereas Bioshocks looks like it had been like that for weeks, which I guess the designers were going for in both.

Some cutsceens would be nice too, so far the story has just progressed via radio chatter and that's cheap IMO. I'm looking at you Metal Gear Solid.
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